CMGS Social Events

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Schedule of lectures/meetings          Indoor Programme    April 2017-March 2018

21st April  2017                         ' Left/Right Bivalves '

                                                             Our guest speaker is       Dr Joe Angseesing

12th May   2017                          'Introduction to microfossils, their importance studying  extreme environmental change'


                                                                                Our guest  speaker is Dr Alice Kennedy,Head of Geology,Gloucestershire Geology Trust


9th June   2017                       'Rare Earth Elements and their Minerals'

                                                          Our guest speaker is          Dr Michael Doel

14th July  2017                        ' Minerals of the Malvern Hills'

                                                               Our guest speaker is    Adrian Wyatt

August     2017                               No meeting.

8th September   2017                'Herodsfoot Mine, Richard Talling and bournonite --- a 19th Century Monopoly '

                                                                 Our guest speaker is  Roy Starkey

13th October    2017                   ' Crystal Caves of Chipping Sodbury'

                                                                  Our guest speaker is     Dr Neville Hollingworth

1oth November   2017               ' Above and below the US Rocky Mountains '

                                                                 Our guest speaker is     Arthur Champion

8th December    2017                 Sale, Quiz,  and Raffle      

January 2018                         No meeting

9th February  2018         ' Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand'

                                                        Our guest speaker is   Ann Kent

9th March  2018                 AGM and Annual Competition