CMGS Social Events

Schedule of lectures/meetings          Indoor Programme    April 2019-March 2020

12th April  2019                        ' Adamas---- A very special rock  '  about the Millennium Diamond

                                                             Our guest speaker is       Tim Thorn

10th May   2019                       ' Exploring caves in the Tower Karst of Guangxi Province , China '


                                                                                Our guest  speaker is      Arthur Champion


14th June   2019                   'Rumble in the Jungle   Natural Nuclear Reactions in Gabon'

                                                          Our guest speaker is          Dr Michael Doel

12th July  2019                   ' Members Evening '


August     2019                  No meeting.

13th September   2019           'Magmas to Minerals ' a look at hydrothermal ore deposits and gemstone rich pegmatites

                                                                 Our guest speaker is  Dr Paul Oliver

11th October    2019               ' You are what you eat ' Geology and Soil  

                                                                  Our guest speaker is     Eddie Bailey   Touchstone Geological Services Ltd

8th November   2019             'Evidence for a Terrane Boundary:Highland Border , Scotland '

                                                                 Our guest speaker is Dr Nick Chidlaw

13th December    2019                 Sale, Quiz,  and Raffle      

January 2020                      No meeting

14th February  2020        ' Antarctica and its Treaty '

                                                        Our guest speaker is   Dr Joe Angseesing

13th March  2020                AGM and Annual Competition